Telemedicine Consultation

Many patients are interested in obtaining hydroyxchloroquine for prophylactic or early treatment of COVID-19. It is very difficult to do that in many states for three reasons. Often the doctor is not HCQ knowledgable, sometimes the state Governors have threatened the physicians if they do prescribe hydroxyhcloroquine, and sometimes the Governors have empowered the pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions. If you find yourself in one of these situations, we have a solution.

You can consult with a HCQ-knowledgeable physician through tele-medicine. Tele-medicine is a well-established, mainstream American medical practice, whereby a patient consults with a physician online. In-person and virtual visits are both valid, and many physicians do both.

By clicking here, you will be taken to a third-party site and they will call you to set an appointment, typically within 24 hours. If the physician believes you need a prescription for HCQ they will also arrange a pharmacy to fill that prescription.

It’s that simple. Keep the government out of the Doctor-Patient relationship.